Our trends:

  • Major and ordinary overhaul of the Main and Auxiliary diesel engines.
  • Repair and reconditioning of engine’s components.
  • Delivery of original spare parts from the manufacturers.
  • Cleaning of air cooler and exhaust gas ducts.
  • Turbochargers cleaning and overhaul.
  • Overhaul of gear driven water pumps, fuel and lubricating oil pumps.
  • Repair and re-routing of different service systems for main and auxiliary engines. Maintenance of thermostatic valves, centrifugal filters, oil mist detectors and pneumatic components.
  • Check and adjustment of control mechanisms, ovespeed trip devices and starting fuel limiters.
  • Delivery and replacement of pressure gauges, temperature sensors and monitoring instruments.

Installation of new engines and gensets is one of our direction as well.We provide a professional technical service and exact calibration. Most of our specialists are Marine Engineers having a huge seagoing practice.The valid seamen documents allow to forward our specialists on the ships in any place over the world.

Our specialists have a good experience for the following types of engines:

We are able to do overhaul of auxiliary engines on situ either in our workshop situated closed to the center of Tallinn. Our workshop is equipped with the required machine park, lathes and modern portable devices and tools. Our database contains the instruction manuals, drawings and spare parts catalogs for most of existing and modern engines.

We do accurate paper work and provide reports in shortest time in english,russian and estonian languages.

Our technical reports include the proper measurement tables recommended by manufacturers, color pictures, conclusion and recommendation for the customers.

We also do overhaul and maintenance for the auxiliary machineries such as separators ,pumps, heaters, starting air compressors, refrigeration plants and air conditioning units.